Thought Parallels

W Homes

In a state like Kerala where rapid urbanization is taking place, many tend to forget the core concept of architecture which is to ensure that each structure is in resonance with its occupants. Over the years, we see many structures which resemble one another in order to accommodate the growing population. The approach is to have a ‘Green Apartment’ that offers the occupants a perfect place for healthy living. The idea of creating a sense of ownership to the multiple dwelling apartment building was also a prime concern. Generally, apartments are approached from a tiny claustrophobic lift lobby. On the other hand, a villa or individual residence in a plot takes a ceremonial path. The gate, the pathway, landscape, veranda so on and so forth, finally to the interior space of the residence. The same ambiance will be incorporated into the 20 unit apartment complex in order to achieve a cohesive environment where a potent responsive and responsible society may develop.