Harris Residence

Colonial settlement covered territory ranging from the blustery New England coastlines to sultry Georgia swamps. European settlers brought their
own architectural traditions, giving rise to Dutch Colonial, French Colonial, and other variations. In general, colonial home plans feature symmetry,
with centered doorways and a balanced array of windows. The second story generally has the same footprint as the first, and the exterior is usually brick or clapboard siding. Details such as gables, porch styles, and the like vary widely depending on the regional design variations of colonial styles. The modern colonial home design will have up-to-date amenities. However, the general feel is one of tradition, elegance, and a tie to history that brings the traditions of the colonial past into play in a modern lifestyle.


Project Details 

Area : 12,000 Sq.Ft.

Site : RAC, Kerala, India.
Project completion Year: On Going